Huracan STO

Lamborghini Huracan STO revealed….. oh my god

The Lamborghini Huracán STO is now a real thing. If you’re fancy, the long form of STO is “Super Trofeo Omologata”. Let me be the first to say “holy f**K”. When the teaser pics were released, we saw the roof scoop, the wing, and some other items that got our attention. What we didn’t see was the entire front end folded forward!

Ok… so calm yourself (momentarily) while we get to what we all expected – the power plant. No surprises here, the STO has Lamborghini’s flagship 5.2 V10 producing 640hp – wait… but the STO is RWD.

Yup, they normally detune the RWD EVO’s to 610hp but this model you get those extra 30 hp’s. Sadly it makes less torque than the Performonte, 417 pound-feet – that’s 26 less BUT this doesn’t impact the 0-60 time, so….. I guess it doesn’t matter plus if you like the party then slap a VF Engineering Supercharger on there and you’re good to go!

The STO is 95 pounds lighter than the already light Performante, this would likely be from all the extra carbon fibre and the fact its RWD – thankfully. The body is now 75% carbon fibre and even the windshield is lighter, watch out for those big Idaho June bugs or you’ll be replacing a $7000 windshield. There’s no evidence to support that claim, I just wanted to use June bugs at some point in this article.

I could go on and on about the specifics, but this is DDE. Let’s talk about the cool stuff!


The Confango! Weird name – cool feature.

Yeah – you didn’t see this coming either. The Confango is the combination of the hood, fenders and front bumper which opens forward, just like the Muira. This means the already lacking trunk space is gone, well they saved room for a helmet!


The massive wing increases downforce by 53% and is adjustable but honestly, just looks f*****g cool!!

The STO is an absolute win in our books. The performance, styling and overall just badass nature makes it one of, if not THE most exciting car coming out in 2021.

Oh, and yeah – we got one coming 🙂