Damon Destroys Everything?

Some say Dave [me] destroys everything… not so. Let’s examine our most recent vlog where Damon and Anthony drive the 2017 Ferrari 488 to Vancouver – through the High Thru Hell.

Ferrari on ice anyone?

You’ve heard us say “Highway Thru Hell” in many videos, let me get specific on why. In 2012, the Discovery channel dropped a new reality show that followed the adventures of a tow truck company helping stranded drivers, crashed trucks and other CRAZY wrecks on the Coquihalla Highway.

Discovery’s reality show “Highway Thru Hell”

This highway passes through a mountain pass with severe elevation changes, very erratic weather and windy roads. I guess it’s really a Highway Thru Hell if hell froze over.

A common sight on the Coquihalla

The 488 was also recently lowered, bringing it even closer to the ice. Why Damon – why? Anyways, you can hear the underpanels scraping along the highway for most of the video. Eventually, well – can you guess what happens?

Anthony inspects under the 488

Well, all thats left is to watch the video and decide for yourself – who really destroys everything?