Nissan R34 GTR: The Next Million Dollar Car?

We often joke about being serious automotive investors here at Daily Driven Exotics but most of the cars in our fleet aren’t purchased to park money with the hopes of grand returns. They’re purchased to create content with and rack up the odometers……seriously it’s insane.

We do have a few collector cars, I’m referring to the 2007 Gated Lamborghini Murcielago (1/99) and 2014 Lamborghini Squadra Corse (1/50).

Two extremely rare Lamborghini’s owned by Daily Driven Exotics

The “big” one to watch for is the Nissan Skyline R34. Produced from 1999 – 2002, the fifth generation Skyline came in several trim levels and a total of 11,578 were made. While producing over 10,000 cars isn’t exactly rare (14,022 Gallardo’s were produced from 2004-2014) there are several trims that have gained attention, ridiculous attention.

Let’s break it down by rarity:

GTR – 3,977

V-Spec I – 4,193

V-Spec II – 1,855

M-Spec – 366

M-Spec Nür – 285

You don’t need to have a degree in economics to understand that value is typically aligned with rarity. In fact, in October a M-Spec Nur finished in one of the least common GT-R colors, Millennium Jade (only 144 came in Millennium Jade) sold for a whopping $313,645.29 USD setting a new record.

A new record was broken when a Millennium Jade M-Spec Nur sold at auction for over 310k USD!

The market started to cook up two years ago when people starting paying attention the 25 year import rule in the US; whereas, a vehicle not originally permitted to be registered in the US can be registered once it’s 25 years old. In Canada, this rule is only 15 years – hence why we have so many here! There are many people banking on prices to double, ever TRIPLE once the GTR is allowed to be registered on US soil. The demand in Australia has also increased Japanese auction prices beyond reason, inflating prices globally.

We still have 4 more years until the 1999 models enter the market. While it’s my opinion that these cars are overrated (sorry, a LP Gallardo offers 10x the experience for half the cost), I do feel prices will continue to soar. Good thing we just bought a 2000 V-Spec II – but did we get the right color?

Now the big question…. do we buy more?

Check out the delivery of our new R34 GTR!

Written by Dave Coulter