Cop tries to confuse Damon Fryer


I’m going to start this off by saying we have the upmost respect for law enforcement. The men and women who serve our communities deserve our gratitude and respect. However, like any industry – there are a small percentage of people who miss the mark – this is one of them.

In this example, we have Damon & Anthony taking a casual Monday cruise in a Ferrari 488 and Porsche 911 C4S. The weather is well below freezing, which requires extra caution and a reduction in speed. A police officer pulls over both cars and proceeds to ask some very odd questions. “You have many calls, you know that right?” Pardon? “For the way you drive, you didn’t know that?” This continues back and forth, you can see Damon’s confused and doesn’t fully understand the reason for the pull over. Then it’s Anthony’s turn… “when you have nice cars like this, you want to show off – its normal” Anthony calmly replies “no?”.

The entire interaction is confusing to say the least. It begins with the officer saying they were called in for driving fast – but not today. Then it changes to the cars are too loud. Then it changes to Damons fog lights are illegal. Did the police even know why they pulled them over? Probably not.

Find out the income by watching the video below – my head hurts trying to understand this one.